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W+Z Rohrsystem-Technik GmbH

Quality is our commitment

As a manufacturer of high-quality piping system components and systems, such as industrial fittings, heat exchangers, silencers, tanks and pipelines, we concentrate entirely on the needs of our customers and react flexibly. In our own 3D design department we develop the optimal product for your specific requirements. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993 and also have various approvals for the international market.

  • Anlagenbau
  • Pulverbeschichtung
  • Klappenbau
  • 3D-Konstruktion
  • VA-Halle (Edelstahlfertigung)
  • Lackieranlage
  • Röntgenbunker
  • UP-Halle
  • C-Stahl (Normalstahlfertigung)
  • Verwaltung

Plant construction

 All our plants and modules are built and complimented in our plant construction department. Not only a complete assembly, but also function, pressure and leak tests are carried out here. We can also ensure the fast and flexible dispatch of a large number of spare parts/standard products through our warehousing.

Powder coating

Fast and flexible implementation of your color preferences (RAL color shades) by paint coatings in the baking process is guaranteed by our state-of-the-art coating system.

Butterfly valve construction

We assemble our industrial valves in our butterfly valve construction. Optionally with or without various drives or oil brakes. We play it safe with all our products and of course check the function, pressure and tightness of the valves!


We create 3D drawings of the components using our state-of-the-art 3D CAD system. This system enables us to simulate and present a theoretical functional test in advance.

VA production hall

A separate production of stainless steel components is carried out in the VA production hall specially designed for this purpose. There we have at our disposal, among other things, machines such as rollers and sheet shears.

Painting machine

On request we paint our components exactly according to customer specifications.

Our spray booth has an integrated heating system for faster drying times.

Dimension: 7,5 m length x 5,5 m width

X-ray bunker

The high standard and quality assurance is ensured by our state-of-the-art X-ray bunker in which the fast and flexible non-destructive testing of our welding seams takes place.

Dimension: 6,90 m x 6,40 m

UP hall

Two submerged arc welding machines help us to weld larger longitudinal and circumferential seams. In our UP hall, a roll enables cold rolling up to a wall thickness of 60 mm.

C-steel production

For our pure C-steel production we have our own halls where the separate production of C-steel components takes place.

This divides into two areas, for small and large components.

A separate machine park, such as two rollers, a sheet shear and a sandblasting system are available for this purpose. With their help we can realize the optimal surface quality of the components for building and surface coating.

Administration and construction

In our administration you will find our management, QA position, technical clerks, purchasing, accounting, human resources and plant management.